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Giromax approved contractor


C&W Industrial Roofing are a Giromax approved contractor and have worked closely with Giromax for many years, completing the largest Giromax coating job on record in Kent which was in excess of 33,000m2. Our Giromax approved contractors carry out all of the systems Giromax offer to the highest standard, these include the RC-E treatment for cut edge corrosion, this protects the most vulnerable element of steel profiled sheets and ultimately prolongs the life and performance of factory coated steel roofs. Along with the RC-E CWI carry out the Giromax RC system to entire roofs this comes with a 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and can be applied by our professional applicators to both steel and Asbestos cement roofs. With regards to Asbestos cement roofs our team our qualified to carry out Non-licenced work and prepare this problematic substrate in line with strict HSE legislation, for further information please refer to the asbestos essentials guidelines which is compiled by the HSE. We utilize all of the correct filtration equipment and use the closed box wash method in conjunction with all of the correct PPE. C&W Industrial Roofing also carry out the RC-G treatment which is for the rejuvenation of gutters via the preparation and coating of the existing gutter substrate providing a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on completion. Giromax Surveyor’s work closely with our Giromax approved contractors throughout each project to make certain the delivery of an exceptional final product.


C&W Industrial Roofing’s team of approved Liquasil approved contracts have recently completed the largest Liquasil coating on record in Leicestershire which was in access of 30,000m2 providing our client with a unique 12 Year Latent Defects Guarantee. Liquasil work in conjunction with Insurance Brokers who in turn send independent surveyors to site to monitor preparation and application throughout the duration of their projects to ensure that the finished project is of the highest standard attainable. Our professional approved Liquasil applicators are trained and approved to apply all of the systems that Liquasil provide. Liquasil Asbestoseal can rejuvenate and prolong the lifespan of Asbestos cement roofs following the correct preparation by our experienced team. The preparation stage is all carried out in strict accordance with HSE legislation, this can be explored in further depth by perusing the Asbestos Essentials guidelines literature which is available on the HSE website. We have over 20 years of experience working with Asbestos cement and we are trained to carry out Non-Licenced work. In addition to rejuvenating Asbestos Cement substrates Liquasil also offer the Metalseal system and the Liquasil one system. Respectively, the Metalseal is a high performance coating to combat corrosion and prolong the life expectancey of steel profiled roofs and the Liquasil one is a high performance gutter coating system. As with the Asbestoseal, all Liquasil products offer the 12 Year Latent defects Warranty which is unique to the industry. A 20 year manufacturer’s warranty is also available.

HD Sharman

HD Sharman have been the industry market leader in Gutter Liners for a considerable time with their Plygene Gutter system and we have worked closely over the years installing this system with our trained and approved installers. This system offers a 25 year Manufacturer’s Warranty on completion. However, a recent change in the industry has just taken place and HD Sharman are now also the suppliers of the tried and tested Delcote and Seamsil systems. CWI have completed the largest ever Delcote application on record this was in excess of 34,000m2. Our team is vastly experienced with all of the systems HD Sharman now provide and work closely with their professional Team which now includes the recent addition of Matt Bishop who has championed the Delcote system for many years. As with other market leading coatings available in the industry Delcote can rejuvenate and prolong the lifespan of existing roofs, both metal and Asbestos cement. The Seamsil system also combats corrosion the the vulnerable cut edge elements of steel roof sheeting. HD Sharman also now offer a Single Point 25 year warranty where the Delcote system is applied to the roof and their Plygene Gutter Liner is installed to the gutters of an industrial unit.

Chemplas Triskell

CWI Have worked with Chemplas Triskell systems for over 20 years and are vastly experienced with this high performance coating. We have completed the largest Triskell Steel application on record, this was an Amazon delivery depot in excess of 46,000m2. Triskell Steel and Triskell Asbestos Cement Sealer respectively offer the rejuvenation of profiled metal roof sheeting and cladding and the asbestos cement substrate. This product has been used in the industry for over 40 years and has stood the test of time, it is a proven system delivering excellent results and vastly increasing the lifespan of both steel roofs by arresting corrosion and asbestos cement sheets by sealing in the fibre cement and preventing shoaling of the substrate. On completion, the system arrests the growth of moss and lichen to the Asbestos cement and prolongs the life of the treated roofs to avoid wholesale replacement. The Triskell Asbestos Cement Sealer Pigmented System comes with a 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 10 Year IBG which can be extended by a further 10 years if necessary. The Triskell Steel system also provides an identical Warranty and IBG. Finally, a 10 Year manufacturer’s Warranty and 10 Year IBG can be obtained with Triskell Steel for rejuvenating vertical cladding.

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