Ampteam Approved Contractors UK

As UK-leading Ampteam approved contractors & installers, our team has been fully trained in fitting all systems, including Unifold gutter liner products, nationwide and at a highly competitive price point.

One of the reasons C&W Industrial Roofing choose to be Ampteam approved contractors is that Ampteam has an incredible amount of experience in roofing and cladding. They have accumulated over 100 years of technical experience and are the go-to systems for roof drainage problems.

Ampteam is a real market leader when it comes to product innovation. As our installers will tell you, the systems are manufactured from the highest quality materials, built to last, and require minimal maintenance.

Explore the Benefits of an Ampteam Unifold Gutter Liner

If you are looking for a guaranteed gutter lining solution that is high-performing, quick, and easy to install, Ampteam’s Unifold system is ideal. It maximises the available space within the gutter cavity and be totally reliable in use.

Solve your Leaking Gutter Problem

The Ampteam Unifold gutter liner system permanently resolves the vast majority of leaking gutter problems. It is manufactured from an EPDM membrane that is pressure bonded to a galvanised and organically coated steel substrate. During the bonding process, hinges are formed. These give the product its unique ability to fit inside even the tightest of spaces.

Manufactured in 2.8 metre lengths that are easy for our installers to handle, installation is simple and quick. As a result, you can enjoy minimum business disruption during installation, and the benefits of a quality gutter lining system.

Why Choose us as your Ampteam Approved Contractors?

We’ve been working as Ampteam approved installers for many years now, and we have installed hundreds of metres of Unifold gutter liner systems. As such, we can offer a 30-year guarantee on all materials and installations carried out by us. We want our clients to enjoy long-term peace of mind when it comes to their industrial guttering!

What’s the next step?

To find out more about how our Ampteam approved contractors can deliver Unifold gutter liner solutions for your business, please contact us. We’ll happily talk you through the options available.

Ampteam Approved Industrial Roofing Cladding Contractors in the UK