Bauder approved contractors

Bauder is a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials, including innovative roofing systems. As approved contractors, C&W Industrial Roofing has been fully trained in installing and specifying all Bauder roofing systems.

The benefits of Bauder roofing flat roof solutions

Having many years’ experience in flat roof installations, we know just how important it is to get insulation and waterproofing systems right.

Bauder roofing is the only European manufacturer of bitumen membranes, synthetic membranes and PIR insulation. As such, as approved roofing contractors, we can offer an unrivalled range of flat roof solutions.

Roof refurbishment systems

Re-establishing the integrity of a flat roof requires careful planning. Bauder understand this as much as we do, which is why they work in partnership with us as Bauder roofing contractors.

When a client comes to us with a flat roof challenge, we identify the best solution. Sometimes this means replacing a roof. Other times it means us overlaying an existing one with bitumen membrane systems or cold applied liquid solutions.

Reduce your carbon footprint with Bauder

As an eco-conscious manufacturer, many Bauder roofing systems can also be specified to include photovoltaics; we can recommend suitable solar PV installations. Simple in design, they generate electricity to reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

Introducing Green roof solutions

For commercial businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact, lower energy bills, and blend in with their surrounds, Bauder roofing are the leaders in green roof systems.

C&W can advise you on some key considerations, including:

  • The suitability of your current or new roof.
  • How accessible the roof will need to be?
  • Whether its purpose is nature conservation, biodiversity or aesthetics – there all different solutions for each.
  • How much sunlight does the area receive?

Contact our Bauder approved contractors today

To find out more about any the wide range of Bauder roofing solutions, please contact us. As Bauder approved roofing contractors, we’ll happily talk you through the options available to you.