Giromax Approved Contractors

We are Giromax Approved Contractors UK

If you’re looking for trusted, UK-leading Giromax approved contractors, C&W Industrial has you covered. We have closely worked with Giromax for many years, and as a result, have extensive experience and access to their whole range of asbestos coatings and roofing technologies. In fact, we even completed the largest Giromax metal coatings job on record in Kent, clocking in at over 33,000m2! When you’re looking to coat your roof, why settle for second-best?

Why Choose C&W as your Giromax Approved Contractor?

There’s not a single Giromax system we are unfamiliar with or trained in. This means that our Giromax approved contractors carry out all works and services to the highest standard. We work closely with surveyors throughout each project to ensure the delivery of an exceptional final result.

RC-E Treatment Specialists

C&W’s diverse experience includes the RC-E treatment for cut edge corrosion. This ingenious system protects the most vulnerable element of steel profiled sheets (both sides of a profiled edge) and prolongs both the life and performance of factory-coated steel roofs. By proactively having your roof treated, you can save on having to replace your roof sheets down the line.

RC System Installers

The RC system is used to provide complete protection and longevity to metal roof sheets. Due to its ability to virtually halt corrosion in its tracks, we can apply the Giromax RC system to entire roofs to provide a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Extensive Giromax Coatings Experience

Our team of professional applicators is experienced in both Giromax asbestos coatings and metal coatings.

With regards to Giromax asbestos coatings for fibre-cement roofs, our team is qualified to carry out non-licensed work and prepare this problematic substrate in line with strict HSE legislation.

We utilise all the correct filtration equipment and use the closed box wash method in conjunction with the correct PPE.

Giromax RC-G Gutter Treatment

Our team also carries out the RC-G treatment, which is for the rejuvenation of gutters via the preparation and coating of the existing gutter substrate. By imparting protection against the overwhelming majority of weather conditions, we can provide a 10-Year manufacturer’s warranty on completion.

What’s Next?

To find out more about how our Giromax approved contractors work to apply asbestos coatings and metal coatings, please contact our friendly team today. We’ll happily talk you through the options available to you.