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HD Sharman Delcote Coatings

C&W Industrial are UK-leading, HD Sharman approved contractors that deliver nationwide service. Delcote coatings and Seamsil systems are tried and tested, so it is only natural that we employ them to great effect with a wide range of clients. The Plygene Gutter System has also been at the forefront of the gutter lining industry for many years, and for good reason. This system offers a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on completion.

Over the years, C&W Industrial has worked very closely with HD Sharman on installing their gutter systems, plygene gutter linings and coatings using our specially trained and approved installers. Whatever your requirement, we’ve got you covered. In fact, owing to our sheer experience, our HD Sharman approved contractors completed the biggest ever Delcote coatings job on record, at a gigantic 34,000m2!

We are HD Sharman Approved Contractors

Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at installing all systems. We also work closely with Matt Bishop, who is well-known as the industry’s champion for HD Sharman’s Delcote coatings.
As with other market-leading coatings available in the industry, Delcote can rejuvenate and prolong the lifespan of existing roofs. This includes both metal and asbestos cement roofs.

Plygene Approved Contractors

The Plygene Gutterline system from HD Sharman is constructed with gutter restoration and performance in mind. Implementing this system results in, effectively, a double gutter, which makes it ideal as an alternative to possible expensive gutter replacement. Our plygene approved contractors install this highly weather-resistant lining with speed and precision, and thanks to its unique, patented design, results in minimum disruption to your business operations. Ensure your industrial gutters are one less thing to think about with a Plygene gutter liner installation!

Seamsil System Installers

The  Seamsil system combats corrosion of the vulnerable, cut-edge elements of steel roof sheeting. Because of the boost to sheet life expectancy this gives, there is the option of a Single Point 25 year warranty when the Delcote system is applied to a roof and a HD Sharman Plygene Gutter Liner is installed to the gutters.

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To find out more about any of the gutter lining solutions or Delcote coatings, please contact us today. Our HD Sharman approved contractors will happily talk you through the options available.