We are a Trusted Liquasil Approved Contractor

C&W Industrial is one of the UK’s leading Liquasil approved contractors. From our sheer, dedicated experience, we know everything there is to know about Liquasil metal coatings, asbestos coatings, gutter lining systems, and how to apply them on time and on budget.

We work across the UK, and most recently we completed one of the largest Liquasil metal coatings jobs on record in Leicestershire, covering 30,000m2 and providing the client with a 12-year Latent Defects Guarantee!

Why Choose C&W for your Coatings?

Our Liquasil approved contractors work in conjunction with insurance brokers who send independent surveyors on site. They monitor our preparation and application of Liquasil metal coatings and asbestos coatings throughout the duration of the projects.

Our highly experienced and Liquasil approved contractors are trained and approved to apply all of these excellent systems, and then some!

Liquasil Asbestoseal coatings

We have over 20 years of experience working with asbestos cement and we are trained to carry out non-Licenced work.

Liquasil Asbestoseal can rejuvenate and prolong the lifespan of asbestos cement roofs following the correct preparation by our experienced team. This minimises the need for operations-disrupting (and expensive) asbestos removal.

The Liquasil Asbestoseal coatings preparation stage is carried out in strict accordance with HSE legislation. This can be explored further within the Asbestos Essentials guidelines literature which is available on the HSE website.

Liquasil Metal Coating Experts

In addition to rejuvenating asbestos cement substrates, C&W also offers the Metalseal system and the metal coatings one system. Respectively, the Metalseal is a high-performance coating to combat corrosion and prolong the life expectancy of steel profiled roofs and the latter is a high-performance gutter coating system.

As with Asbestoseal, all-metal coatings products offer the 12 Year Latent defects warranty, which is unique to the industry. A 20-year manufacturer’s warranty is also available.

What’s Next?

To find out more about how our Liquasil approved contractors can benefit your business with asbestos coatings, metal coatings, or gutter lining systems, please contact us. We’ll happily talk you through the options available to you.