Triflex Approved Contractors

C&W Industrial Roofing has been working as Triflex approved contractors for many years. Over this time, our team has applied Triflex waterproofing solutions and coatings to many thousands of square metres of flat roofs.

As a Triflex authorised contracting partner, our Triflex installers are fully trained in a wide range of certified liquid applied waterproofing and coating systems.

Triflex Roofing Solutions

As highly experienced Triflex approved contractors, we have an in-depth knowledge of their flat roof solutions. All Triflex roofing systems are based on advanced polymer chemistry to deliver exceptional technical performance and waterproofing. Where this system has an advantage over other applications is in its cure times, ease of installation, and whole-life costing.

Triflex roofing offers the ultimate overlay solution compatible with single-ply, felt, bitumen, asphalt, EPDM, concrete, coatings, glass, and timber. What’s more, once our authorised installers have completed a roofing system, it offers the highest UK fire rating. Furthermore, every system has been tested and certified to the highest standards, including BBA and ETA.

Why Choose us as Triflex Approved Roofing Contractors?

We know Triflex roofing systems inside-out. There’s absolutely no second-guessing. Our team of Triflex approved roofing contractors take a granular approach in understanding your objectives. We fully consider your building, performance expectations, and budget to recommend solutions, including:

  • ProTect. A highly versatile waterproofing system suitable for roof refurbishments and new builds. Single process application, self-terminating, reinforced, tried, and tested.
  • ProThan. An odour-free PU liquid applied waterproofing solution for sensitive environments – hospitals, food processing, and pharmaceutical facilities.
  • RoofTec. An odourless single component STPE coating system, which is used in sensitive environments and on damp substrates. Ideal for applying to substrates without a primer and with high levels of permeability.
  • ProDetail. A quick and easy PMMA liquid solution for waterproofing upstands, gutters, and penetrations.
  • ProFibre. A fibre-reinforced cold PMMA liquid applied coating solution for intricate and complex details.

Given the roofing application process and how our team of Triflex authorised installers are structured, we can apply solutions all year round (in temperatures as low as -5°C).

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To find out more about how our Triflex approved contractors can assist your business with roof waterproofing or coating systems, please contact us. We’ll happily talk you through the options available.

Triflex Approved Industrial Roofing Contractors UK-Wide