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C&W’s team of Triskell approved contractors are hugely experienced with Triskell steel coatings and asbestos coatings. In fact, we have completed the largest steel coatings application on record at an Amazon delivery depot, which clocked in at over 46,000m2!

Whether you are looking to improve the safety and life expectancy of an asbestos roof, or are looking to boost the appearance and weather resistance of your unit’s steel sheets, the coatings we apply from Triskell are an effective solution at a highly competitive price point.

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Triskell’s steel and asbestos cement sealers rejuvenate profiled metal roof sheeting, cladding, and asbestos cement substrates.

As a product, Triskell boasts a 40-year history and has withstood the test of time as a system that delivers excellent results. Both the asbestos coatings and steel coatings systems vastly increase the lifespan of roofs. They offer superior protection against damage and corrosion, and so offer businesses the chance to save substantial sums in the long-term on roof repairs and replacements!

Triskell Asbestos Coatings

The Triskell asbestos coatings system seals in the fibre cement and prevents shoaling of the substrate. By sealing in the potentially dangerous fibres, you can improve the safety and integrity of your asbestos roof. On completion, the system prevents the growth of moss and lichen, prolonging the life of the treated roof to avoid wholesale replacement.

The Asbestos Cement Sealer Pigmented System comes with a 20 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a 10 Year IBG which can be extended by a further 10 years if desired.

Triskell Steel Coatings

The Triskell Steel system also provides an identical Warranty and IBG. It is designed to rejuvenate defective plastisol-coated sheets and has excellent slump resistance that allows high DFTs on vertical sheeting.

The system is extremely durable, with outstanding colour stability, and is guaranteed for 10 years. Couple this with a life expectancy of more than 15 years, and you can see why Triskell systems offer nothing less than total peace of mind.

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