Job in Progress – Warehouse, Cardiff

Job in Progress – Warehouse, Cardiff

The Challenge: 
Was to provide a watertight warehouse for this entire industrial estate and also prolong the life of the existing steel roof sheets, the roof lights were also at the end of their life expectancy and it was a requirement to replace all the roof lights to ensure a large increase in natural sunlight in this circa 3,500m2 estate, we also coated the vertical cladding improving the aesthetics of the estate. This is an extremely busy estate occupied by traders such as ScrewFix, Greggs, SIG etc. The safety of the general public and the tenants on this estate was paramount in our sequencing and planning of the various roof and cladding works.

The Solution:
We acted as a main contractor in this instance and installed one of our SMSTS certified foreman on site to ensure all activities were carried out safely and in accordance with our detailed site specific RAMS. This was an extremely delicate project with occupied units to contend with. However, forward planning, regular tenant liaisons and the implementation of safe systems of segregated work overcame numerous hurdles to ensure that the project ran smoothly and safely. A guaranteed roof was required, but due to budget, it was decided to refurbish the existing roof rather than opt for a roof replacement or over-sheet, therefore, we specified and applied the Giromax Architectural coating system to the roof, replaced all the roof lights with Brett Martin roof lights and relined the gutters with a plygene gutter liner.

The Results:
The result was the client was left with a 15 year guarantee on the roof on completion with a life expectancy of 20 years for a fraction of the cost of over-sheeting or replacement.

Progress Video:

Project Description

Client: Stuart Watson
Location: Cardiff Industrial Estate, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5JA
Surface Area: 3,300 m2
Year Completed: 2017
Installer: C&W Industrial Roofing Services
Contract Administrator: Stuart Watson
Products Used: Giromax Delcote
Contractor: C&W Industrial Roofing Services
Value: £300,000