Liver Industrial Estate, Aintree

Liver Industrial Estate, Aintree

The Challenge

The challenge on this project was to upgrade and provide a watertight roof for the tenants in the occupied units, as well as upgrading all of the cladding, doors, soffits, paintwork and roller shutter doors to all of the elevations to give the unit a completely new lease of life with a modern appearance. The warehouse is around 30 years old and had an existing fragile asbestos cement roof, which was at the end of its life expectancy unless treated in the near future. The GRP roof lights were also at the end of their life expectancy and it was also a requirement to replace all of these while carrying out the refurbishment works to the roof. Furthermore, the existing gutters had been previously coated with bitumen etc. and were leaking severely into the warehouse and there was also a requirement to  also treat these gutters and leave them in a watertight condition. C & W Industrial Roofing Services Limited were  also requested to be the main contractors on this complete project, which also included to replace the palisade fencing and for the complete wholesale replacement of roller shutter doors, including for all electrics.  We site managed this project using one of our own SMSSTS trained operatives.

The Solution

It was a client requirement to have a guaranteed roof on completion, which also included for a guarantee to the gutters. The client also required an insurance backed guarantee, so therefore the contact administrator Nicolas Consultancy specified the use of the Liquasil Asbestoseal Coating System which comes with a 20 year insurance backed, latent defects warranty. This product  was also specified for the gutters and the cladding. The roof lights were also to be replaced using a new Class 1 fire rated, GRP matching profile roof light. Following extensive preparation work, which was necessary to restore the integrity of the asbestos cement substrate and gutters, we applied the Liquasil coating all in accordance with Messrs Liquasil’s  recommendations and coverage rates. While the works were progressing the insurance company and Liquasil representatives carried out 3No  assessments, prior to, during and on completion of the works to make sure that all preparations to the substrate were being carried out correctly and that the coating was applied all as per Messrs Liquasil’s recommendations. The roof lights were replaced with a new Messrs Brett Martin roof light and the gutters were coated using the Liquasil Gutter coating system. The cladding was refurbished also using the Liquasil Metalseal coating system.

The Results

The result  was that the client was left with a 20 year insurance backed, latent defects warranty on completion of the works on the roof, gutters and cladding for a fraction of what it would cost to either replace or oversheet the roof or indeed replace or resheet the cladding.

Project Description

Location: Block G, Liver Industrial Estate, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 7ES
Surface Area: 3200M2
Year Completed: 2017
Installer: C & W Industrial Roofing Services Limited
Contract Administrator: Nicolas Consultancy
Products Used: Liquasil Asbestoseal, Liquasil Metalseal and Brett Martin roof lights
Contractor: C & W Industrial Roofing Services Limited
Value: £193,726.00