EasyJet Hanger, Luton Airport

EasyJet Hanger, Luton Airport

The Challenge: 
Was to provide a watertight Hanger for the maintenance of passenger jets and also remove existing sheeting that had been smothered by bitumen, historically, by others, the rooflights were also at the end of their life expectancy and it was a requirement to replace all the rooflights to ensure a large increase in natural sunlight in this circa 7,900m2 warehouse. Safety was an obvious priority on this project due to the vast numbers of Easy Jet staff and the general public frequenting the proximity of our site.

The Solution:
It was the clients desire to have a guaranteed roof on completion but in addition to this it was essential that the entire expanse of problematic bitumen coated sheeting was removed safely and a new hot zinc dipped, factory coated plastisol steel sheeting was installed in its place, eliminating the water ingress issues and restoring integrity to the roof. A new Ash-grid system was installed c/w 240mm of insulation and replaced all the rooflights with Brett Martin GRPs.

The Results:
The result was the client was left with a 25 year guarantee on the roof on completion with a life expectancy of 30 years. The shoddy workmanship of others was removed from site and the integrity of the roof was restored. Tenants and the general public were segregated from our works via the use of Heras fencing and rerouted walkways. Car parks were relocated and bus routes were altered to ensure that all parties involved could operate at the highest level of safety.

Project Description

Client: EasyJet
Location: Hangar 89, Airport Approach Road, London Luton Airport, LU2 9PF
Surface Area: 2700 m2
Year Completed: 2016
Installer: C & W Industrial Roofing
Contract Administrator: Michael Evans
Contractor: C & W Inustrial Roofing
Value: £220,000