The Challenge:

The existing tenant had left the warehouse in a very poor condition which included the roof. The
colour which used to be Bamboo was no longer required and the building owner required a complete refurbishment of the roof and cladding to provide a new lease of life as well as ending up with a guaranteed watertight roof.

In particular, the end laps to this roof had rotted away considerably and if not treated in the immediate future would have resulted in a complete wholesale replacement of the roof.

The roof area was circa 5,700m².

The Solution:

It was always the Client’s wish to have a guaranteed roof as well as improve the overall appearance and the budgets were key to this project getting off the ground.

The Contract Administrator had specified a Liquasil steel system, of which we are approved contractors, and this was applied to the roof, gutters and cladding.

The Result:

The Client was left a 12 year latent defects guarantee on the roof, cladding and the gutters with a life expectancy of 25 years at a fraction of the cost of over sheeting or replacement.

Project Description

Location: Unit 42, Oriana Way, Nursling Industrial Estate, Southampton, SO16 0YU
Surface Area: 5,700m²
Year Completed: 2018
Installer: C&W Industrial Roofing Services Ltd
Contract Administrator: Malcolm Hollis
Products Used: Liquasil Metalseal (Roof & Cladding), Liquasil One (Gutters)
Contractor: Trinity Construction Services Limited
Value: £149,000