Asbestos Roofing Solutions


C&W Industrial Roofing are approved asbestos roof contractors to provide asbestos roofing solutions. We offer a range of asbestos roofing services tailored to suit each individual or specific situation.

Fragile roofs have to be safety-netted to the underside in order to adhere to HSE Legislation. C&W Industrial Roofing can arrange our asbestos roofing services and propose numerous asbestos roofing solutions to fall in line with client’s budget and requirements.

We clean and apply asbestos coatings to the substrate in accordance with HSE legislation (see asbestos essentials) slurry generated in this process is filtered with specialist equipment and a number of asbestos roof coatings can be applied with varying costs & warranties for each system.

We also install sacrificial netting to the outside of these fragile roofs where tenants remain in occupation to reduce disruption to an absolute minimum, the substrate can be overlaid with an Ash—grid system and steel corrugated sheet providing a new guaranteed roof over the existing whilst improving the insulation value in the process.

We know how important it is not only to ensure the safety of you and your workers by carrying out asbestos roof repairs and asbestos roof removal safely, but by also ensuring that it’s done with the minimum fuss and cost. Our asbestos roofing contractors understand your concerns, and we use our years of experience as one of the UK’s most trusted asbestos roofing specialists to make sure your asbestos roof removal is dealt with safely, quickly and at a cost you can afford.

Please contact us our asbestos roof contractors for more information about our asbestos roofing service, including; asbestos roof coatings, industrial roofing solutions or any questions about laying new roof over asbestos.