Asbestos Roof Repair


Every day, we help contractors, surveyors, and facilities managers with our UK-leading asbestos roofing service. After all, we understand the challenge of carrying out asbestos roof repairs safely, without losing sight of your budget. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can assist you.

Your Local Asbestos Roofing Specialists

There’s nothing we don’t know about asbestos roof repair, refurbishment, and replacement. Overcladding asbestos roofs is also one of our specialities.

Being an approved,  specialist asbestos roofing service, you can confidently rely on us. After all, we offer unbiased advice in identifying the right solution.

Our asbestos roofing specialists offer the following asbestos roofing services:

  • Patch asbestos roof repairs
  • High-performance asbestos roof cleaning
  • Asbestos cement sheet coating
  • Asbestos roof overcladding
  • Complete asbestos roof removal and replacement

Asbestos Roofing Services

There are no two ways about it: asbestos is dangerous when disturbed, period. Our absolute priority when carrying out asbestos works is the safety of both you and your staff, both immediately, and after the fact. There’s nothing more important to us than ensuring your safety. As a result, we carefully detail each job so that we complete your asbestos roofing repair work with minimal disruption to your business operations, whilst ensuring the safety of all people in the vicinity.

Our asbestos roofing contractors understand your concerns. Drawing on our many years of experience, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to asbestos roofing repairs. Because of this, our service is tailored to your exact business requirements.

Asbestos Roof Repairs

When you’re looking for a contractor that knows how to clean and repair an asbestos roof, it’s important you can trust them. All our works with asbestos cement roofs strictly comply with HSE Asbestos Essentials Guidelines. Furthermore, Reassurance Air testing is carried out prior to, during, and after project completion.

We cannot stress enough the importance of fragile asbestos roofs being safety-netted to the underside of the roof. This is not just for everyone’s safety, but to meet HSE Legislation. As a result, a quality asbestos roofing service provider is essential!

Where tenants are in a building, we can install netting to the outside of fragile asbestos roofs to keep them safe. Consequently, this also keeps any disruption to a minimum. Quite simply, the substrate is overlaid with an Ash-grid System and a steel corrugated sheet. This provides a guaranteed temporary roof during our work.

Asbestos Roof Coating

Our asbestos roof coating service is thorough. As a result, the C&W Industrial Roofing team carefully cleans and applies asbestos roof coating to the substrate in accordance with HSE Legislation.

Of course, there are lots of different asbestos roof coating solutions that can be applied, with varying warranties and costs. During our consultation with you, we take the time to understand your requirements and budget.  From there, we recommend a sensible solution that will give you just what you need.

Please contact our asbestos roof repairs contractors today for more information. We’ll happily talk you through our asbestos roofing service, removal, and over-cladding solutions.

Asbestos Roofing FAQs

How to clean an asbestos roof?

It’s important that cleaning of an asbestos roof is carried out in strict accordance with HSE Asbestos Essentials Guidelines. Every asbestos roof repair company should follow these when cleaning.
The slurry produced during the washing process must be filtered through specialist equipment to avoid fibres entering the drainage system. Furthermore, an enclosed box washer unit should be used for the cleaning process.

This work should be carried out by asbestos roofing contractors. Although this is classed as non-licenced work, operatives should be Level-2 Asbestos trained. Additionally, all necessary safe access and personal protective equipment should be in place to ensure that works are safely completed.

Asbestos cement roofs are fragile. Therefore, safety netting should be installed by FASET trained contractors before accessing the roof, along with sufficient edge protection and stair towers.

A rescue plan should be in place. In most cases, a MEWP should remain on site during the works. All soiled filtration sacks should be double-bagged in red in clear asbestos marked sacks and placed in an enclosed asbestos skip. Waste transfer notes will be required on completion.

Operatives working with asbestos cement should be provided with FFP3 masks, which are face fit tested. Similarly, operatives must also wear disposable overalls with a hood, disposable latex gloves, and rigger type boots. If they have laced boots, then the laces need to be covered with tape. All the PPE should be disposed of in red clear asbestos sacks at the end of each shift and placed in the enclosed asbestos skip.

Reassurance air tests musty be carried out before, during and on completion to confirm the air is safe.

Can you paint asbestos roof sheets?

Asbestos Cement should not be painted. However, specialist asbestos roof coating products are available, which should only be installed by approved asbestos roofing contractors. Products such as Chemplas, Triskell, HD Sharmans Delcote, Giromax RC and Liquasil Asbestoseal are the market leaders.

C&W Industrial roofing are approved applicators for all these products. Proudly, our team has completed the largest applications, on record, for each product.

Is it safe to clean an asbestos roof?

Cleaning asbestos roofs is safe if carried out by a competent, fully trained asbestos roofing contractors and all HSE guidelines are strictly adhered to. Those carrying out the cleaning must be at least Level-2 Asbestos trained.

Can you put a new roof over an asbestos roof?

In some instances, over-sheeting with a new roof is required. This is achievable, but only once a structural engineer has carried out calculations. Carefully, they must consider the extra loading that will be applied to the existing steel frame of the roof. This should be carried out by experienced asbestos roofing contractors. Additionally, all the safe access and PPE should be adhered to in following HSE guidelines.

No filtration is required during this process. However, A/C sheets must be fixed to existing purlins. Therefore, suppressants such as PVA solution are used to encapsulate these areas to prevent fibres being released. As with all work with Asbestos cement, HSE Asbestos Essentials Guidelines should be strictly followed.

Can you seal over asbestos?

Asbestos roofs can be sealed. Corrugated asbestos roofing, asbestos cement and asbestos sheeting need specialist coatings to seal, repair and protect large surface areas.