Cladding Coating


A Cladding Coating Company You Can Trust

Looking for a composite and metal cladding coating company? Just like other aspects of your building, your roof will deteriorate over time, and the common concerns for commercial buildings are corrosion and cracking. This happens faster without appropriate metal cladding coatings. Consequently, if allowed to perish, a roof can collapse.

As an approved cladding coatings company, our high-quality, specialist coating and cladding services can transform your roofs and breathe new life into your building.

Why Choose C&W Industrial Roofing for Your Roof Cladding Coating?

With access to a broad range of cladding coating systems, and as an approved supplier, we provide specialist advice on all cladding coatings.

Our trained technicians treat and repair the corrosion on your roof to prevent it from worsening with our guaranteed roof cladding coatings.

We also re-coat and respray roofs with our protective cladding coating to freshen the appearance of a building. As a top cladding coating company, we can additionally clean and repair your roof lights.

To ensure your roof can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, we use heavy-duty metal cladding coatings. Therefore, our roof cladding coating systems are all tried and tested and carry extensive warranties. Our cladding coating solutions include anti-corrosion and water-resistance single-coat solutions to offer your roof premium protection.

A Safety-First Approach to Cladding Coatings

Any cladding coating company worth its salt is rigorous in its health and safety procedures. Working at a height, and when your building may be in full use, means that we are meticulous when it comes to safety during the cladding coating process. Therefore, as an approved supplier, our technicians are fully trained in the application of products, working at height, and in being Roof Safe. Resultingly, this also means that we’re able to safely reduce the amount of time we’re needed on site when applying roof cladding coatings – saving you money.

Reach out to us today for more information. As a leading composite & metal cladding coatings company we’ll happily discuss your requirements with you.

Cladding Coating Systems FAQs

Can you paint over cladding?

The correct term for ‘painting’ cladding, is ‘coating’. With the right cladding coating system, you can extend the lifespan of existing cladding by up to 20 years.

There are various cladding coating systems on the market. C&W Industrial Roofing are approved applicators for Triskell Steel, Liquasil Metalseal, Girocote, Steel seal and TOR.

What are the benefits of cladding coating?

The benefits of coating existing cladding are that you can prolong the life of existing cladding. You can also prevent wholesale roof replacement, which can be very costly.

There’s a wide range of different finishes too, which means you can also transform the look of an existing commercial roof.

How do you coat cladding?

You must coat cladding in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. These will differ depending on the type of cladding coating. To meet the manufacturer’s warranty, cladding coating solutions must be applied by approved cladding coating contractors.

What is the difference between coating and cladding?

Cladding is a metal corrugated sheet that either replaces an existing roof or is laid over the top of existing cladding. Cladding coating on the other hand, is a liquid coating applied to existing coating to restore and maintain the life of a roof.

What coating do you use on cladding?

There are various cladding coating solutions suitable for commercial roofs. Triskell Steel, Liquasil Metalseal, Girocote, Steel seal and TOR and just some of the highest performing systems we use. All provide a 15-20 year warranty if applied by approved cladding coating contractors.