Industrial Metal Roof Coatings

metal roof coating

C&W Industrial Roofing offer numerous cost effective solutions to reinvigorate and prolong the lifespan of corrugated steel roofs with proven industrial metal roof coatings. We are approved industrial metal roof coating contractors to from the most popular metal roofing coating suppliers, including; Liquasil, Giromax, Triskell, AkzoNoble & Tor Coatings.

Corrosion can take the effect and cause a great deal of irreparable damage if left untreated. The industrial metal roof coatings our experts use provide guarantees ranging from 10-25 years.

Our industrial metal roof coatings contractors understand that preparation of the substrate is key and the integrity of the roof is our main priority followed by the skilled application of the many coatings our skilled technicians are trained and approved to carry out.

It’s very easy to underestimate the importance of good roofing protection, especially for a commercial building. However, you’ll soon appreciate its significance to the preservation, look and safety if a problem surface. As they say, prevention is the best form of protection, which is why metal roof coating systems should be top of your agenda. After all, it could save you from a business nightmare further down the line if your roof were to weather.

Keeping the roof in great condition revolves largely around protecting it from the elements. This is subsequently why a waterproof coating could be one of the most important steps in the restoration cycle. C&W Industral Roofing are approved metal roof coating contractors and have helped companies of varying sizes from all over the country. Our work ensures that their roofs are safe from leaks and excess heat stress.

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