Industrial Roof Cladding

Industrial Roof Cladding Contractor UK

Refurbishing or replacing aged roof cladding or applying industrial cladding to a new build requires the experience, skill, and careful planning of an industrial roof cladding contractor. When you choose us as your commercial roof cladding contractor, you will only deal with industry-approved specialists. We are a top-rated roof cladding company for good reason!

Our design team has many years of experience in commercial roof cladding. As such, we offer excellent advice and can provide the broadest range of cladding services.

Our Commercial Roof Cladding Systems

C&W Industrial Roofing are approved industrial roofing and cladding contractors. Therefore, we can offer you a wide range of systems, including products from the industry’s premier suppliers, Kingspan, Tata Steel, and Coilcolor.

Our services can be offered to suit all manner of environments. For instance, occupied units can be over-sheeted to reduce disruption to tenants. As such, we’re able to completely transform the appearance and performance of your building with our industrial roof cladding types:

  • Composite
  • Industrial steel cladding
  • Industrial installation
  • Cutting edge commercial corrosion treatment and coating
  • Over-cladding of existing roofs
  • Proactive repair plans
  • Gutter replacement and repair
  • Asbestos cement sheet removal

Why Choose C&W as your Industrial Roof Cladding Contractor?

C&W operate nationwide and specialise in all aspects of commercial roof cladding. Moreover, we have a wealth of experience in providing industrial services for many markets. We have attended to clients’ requirements in food, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, local authority, healthcare, and many more. Therefore, we always identify the most practical solution.

As industrial roofing and cladding contractors, we understand the importance of attention to detail. Hence, this level of granular oversight and input enables us to create tailored industrial roof cladding systems for a competitive cost.

We can offer numerous options to best suit your needs and budget from the initial survey. We will cover your design needs, manage the project safely and provide either IBG’s or manufacturers warranties on completion.

For instance, asbestos cement sheeting can be removed, and composite commercial roof cladding installed to increase U values and provide a 25-year warranty on completion. Not every roof cladding company can offer this!

Please contact us for more information about our industrial roof cladding services. We love nothing more than hearing from new and existing clients and promise to provide you with exceptional customer service from the moment you speak with us.

Industrial Roof Cladding FAQs

What is roof cladding?

Industrial Roof cladding is normally a trapezoidal 0.7mm plastisol coated steel sheet. This can be overlaid on an asbestos roof with a spacer system such as Ash-grid. It can also be part of a built up system – this could be a liner sheet, spacer system and outer sheet. Insulation can be installed in the void of all these systems. Finally, Tata Steel and Kingspan produce composite roof panels that have PIR insulation sandwiched between a liner and outer sheet. These interlock left to right or right to left.

Any of the above systems should only be installed by professional commercial roofing contractors.

What are the benefits of roof cladding?

The benefits of over-sheeting are that you have a new roof with a 25-30 year life expectancy. By installing roof cladding over the existing failing roof with minimal disruption, you increase insulation U value and gutter capacity. The reason for this is because the roof height is altered.

What are the different types of roof cladding?

There are many different types of roof cladding and each has its own use and benefits. Usually though, industrial roof cladding is trapezoidal 0.7mm plastisol coated steel sheeting. This steel sheeting can overlay asbestos roofs, or it can also be part of a built-up system. In addition, there are several high-performing composite roof panels that have PIR insulation sandwiched between a liner and the outer sheet.

How do you fit roof cladding?

Cladding is installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Therefore, butyl tape is installed to the perimeter of each sheet to the correct dimensions. Additionally, Matchfast fixings are used to secure the panels/sheets to the existing steel purlins or spacer system. Bespoke flashings are formed to cloak in the eaves, ridge and gable ends of the roof. Finally, foam fillers are installed to these details also to provide air seals.