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C&W Industrial Roofing is a highly experienced, specialist industrial over roofing company. Our expertise has you covered.

Our roofing covering systems can be adapted for most pitched roofs and roof cladding. This means that your original roof or cladding can remain in place to provide the necessary weather protection, while the over roofing system is placed on top to support your new roof covering.

What are the Benefits of Over Roofing Systems?

The are many core advantages to installing over roofing – here are the top reasons:

  • It’s less disruptive than a complete roof replacement
  • You can add additional insulation (more on this below)
  • It saves you money – as an over roofing company, our solutions are compact and quick to install
  • It improves the visual appearance of a building and is a great way to give your building an almost instant visual uplift.

In fact, it is a great option for asbestos or fibre cement roofs. During the process, our technicians will repair and clean your existing roof (following a site survey), and then lay the new industrial roof profile on top.

Why Choose us as your Industrial Over Roofing Company?

As an approved supplier of many commercial over roofing solutions, we’re able to offer you a full range of coverings from colour coated steel, aluminium profiled sheets, standing seam to concealed fix systems.

Over roofing also gives you the opportunity to reduce your energy bills by incorporating insulation into roofing covering systems. For instance, many of our industrial over roofing systems come with foam insulation integrated into each panel.

As an approved supplier and highly experienced over roofing company, many of our solutions also come with a 25 year warranty.

What’s Next?

If you have been having issues with an existing industrial roof or want to explore viability, please contact us.  One of our friendly industrial over roofing specialists will be more than happy to help.


What is an over roof?

An over-roof is normally chosen when there is an issue with the existing roof. An over roof is a new roof installed over the top of an existing one. A structural surveyor needs to be employed to calculate if the existing frame will take the loading of the new roof.

Can you roof over an existing roof?

Yes, you can roof over an existing roof. However, this is subject to structural survey. To over-roof will largely depend on the condition of the existing roof and its structural integrity. For instance, if a serious moisture issue is found, this will need to be addressed first. Likewise, your existing frame will need to be able to take the additional load of your over roof, which can only be calculated by a structural surveyor.

Can you put a new roof over an asbestos roof?

Asbestos roofs can be over-clad. This needs to be done by specialist asbestos roofing contractors though because if disrupted, asbestos releases harmful fibres.

What are the benefits of over roofing?

By going down the over roofing route, you have a new roof over the existing one without disrupting building occupants. Furthermore, additional insulation can be installed to the void to increase the U value of the unit. Finally, gutter capacity can be increased if desired during this process.

How much does over roofing cost?

This is completely dependent on the results of a full site survey, which is highly recommended as you will gain a complete picture of all the costs. Solutions can vary widely in cost and lifespan expectancy. So as part of your site survey, wider consideration needs to be given to the future for your building.