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Constructing a Pitched Roof

As pitched roofing contractors, C&W Industrial Roofing has access to a wide range of natural clay, concrete tiles and slates to accommodate constructing a pitched roof of any variety.

Pitched roofing is a beautiful and classic addition to any home or business building. Today’s materials offer superior insulation and weatherproofing, with the bonus of being simple and quick to build.

Experienced Pitched Roofing Contractors

As highly experienced and approved pitched roofing contractors, we have worked on projects involving every type of pitched roof you could imagine. Within our team, we have very experienced lead specialists who can carry out all aspects of lead sheet works to LSA standards.

Besides traditional solutions, our pitched roofing contractors are also experienced in installing lighter, modern systems that may suit your building better.

Many of our pitched roofing projects have included flat to pitched roof conversions, where we have worked closely with developers and contractors to manage the process.

Meanwhile, our repair and maintenance service ranges from the replacement of broken tiles to the refurbishment of an entire roof. Often, this involves replacing pitched roofing materials that a close match to existing materials.  This is where our extensive supplier relationships really benefit our clients as we can source just the right materials.

How can we Help your Project?

As experienced pitched roofing contractors we can advise you on the best roofing materials to fit the style of your property and your budget.

What’s more, with many years of experience, we can offer insurance-backed warranties on pitched roofing materials up to 25 years.

Simply contact us to discuss your pitched roof requirements – our pitched roofing contractors love hearing about new and exciting projects and would be delighted to help.

Pitched Roofing FAQs

What does pitched roof mean?

A pitched roof is a roof that slopes downwards, usually from one central point, although it is not unusual to find interconnected pitched roofs. The advantage of a pitched roof is that it is angled to enable rainwater to disperse from the surface.

What is the purpose of a pitched roof?

Pitched roofs are good at protecting buildings against certain weathers – for example, rainwater, snow, wind and ice. Being triangular they are purposefully built to provide fantastic water drainage. Pitched roofing tiles are often made from natural slate to enhance the roof’s performance and visual appeal.

Which is cheaper flat or pitched roof?

It is difficult to compare the costs of a flat and pitched roof without a site visit. The comparative cost depends entirely on size/location and system being specified. You should always request professional pitched roofing contractors, who will conduct a site visit and provides a quotation following a full survey.

What is the difference between a pitched roof and flat roof?

The classification for a flat roof is that the angle must be less than 5 degrees. A pitched roof, on the other hand, is where the angle is more than 5 degrees.

What is a pitched roof called?

In industrial roofing, a roof with an angle more than 5 degrees will always be called a pitched roof. There are other terms that are sometimes used though – we have known people to refer to them as a peaked roof or if two pitched roofs meet, this is sometimes called a valley.

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